Permanent Cosmetics by Brandi - Beautiful Make-up 24/7!!!!
Process in which a line is applied through the eyelashes and above. It can be done to look as natural or as heavy as the client chooses. The application is performed with the eye closed throughout the procedure. A recommendation can be given as to what color and design the client needs, but in most cases eyeliner is applied in the same look the client wears on a daily bases.   
Application can be performed in two different techniques, a hair-stroke method or a solid powdered method. Shape is determined as to the natural brow line, facial structure, and the shape the client is applying with pencil or powder.
A line applied to the outer edge of the lip. Can be used to enhance the fullness of the mouth by going right on the edge of the vermillion border(grizzle edge) and shading under the cupid's bow to give a image of fullness. Any color can be applied.
Full Lip Color
Process in which color is applied to the full lip area. Any color can be done, but full lip as well as lipliner never will have a coated look. It is seen through a layer of skin and has more of a muted tone rather than a coated look.
Eyeshadow Contour
A color is applied above the eyeliner to give a more lifted outer corner on the eye and to accent the eye color itself.
Full Eye Shadow
Two colors are applied to the eyelid and crease area as eyeshadow would be, and a highlighter is applied at the brow bone area.
Prior Procedure Correction
Correction of a previous permanent cosmetic application. A consultation is needed for this prior to an appointment.
All procedures are numbed with a topical cream to minimize the discomfort level and strict guidelines are given as to prior and post-op care for each procedure. Procedure times vary but are usually based on a 90 minute schedule. A breakdown of a appointment goes as follows: 15 minutes for paperwork,10-15 minutes for consultation, prepping and numbing 20-40 minutes and the actual application process is about 15-20 minutes depending on the procedure and desired look.
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