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Prior Procedure Instructions
On the day of your procedure, wear all your make up except mascara if possible. Bring your eyeliner pencil in with you so we can see what you are accustom to seeing yourself.
Wear your brows in the way you normally apply them. Bring your pencil or powder in with you.
Lipliner/Full Lip color
If you have ever had a cold sore/fever blister in your LIFETIME!! Please, contact your family physican and have them write you a prescription for Zoviax or Valtrex capsules. It is extremely important that you pre-medicate for this because if not you will lose at least half of your color and the end result will not have a uniformed look!! Bring your desired pencil and lipstick in with you. Many clients have 2-3 different colors that they like, bring them all so we can see what you are choosing as a base color.
Eyeshadow cont/Full Shadow
Bring in your shadows and highlighter with you. We will do a evaluation of your make up and the shape you are applying to your eyelid area.
Post-Op Instructions
Be prepared to be swollen for 2 days after the procedure is done. If you normally sleep on one pillow, sleep on two so that your head is elevated to help reduce swelling. Apply the ointment given to you 3-4 times a day, starting the day of and continue for 3 days after. Only a small amount is needed, if you begin to get a pink-eye look discontinue the ointment and rinse the eyes with saline. Too much ointment can cause issues with the eyes. Don't rub, pick, pull, or do anything that would pull a scab off for the 4 days of healing and absolutely NO MASCARA!! It harbors bacteria and can cause problems in the healing process.
Be prepared for your brows to look 3 shades darker the first 5-7 days after the procedure!! It is important that you do not let the area get dry!! Apply the ointment given to you on the area with a Q-tip 3-4 times a day for 8 days by dabbing it on there. Don't rub, pick, or pull at the area, as it may have a crusty appearance, just pack it down with ointment and let the top layer come off on its on. You will lose at least 2 shades of color in the healing process, this is completely normal.
Lipliner/Full Lip color
Lips will appear to have a red colored appearance for the first couple of days. Do not rub, pick, or pull at the area. Keep it moist 5-6 times a day, don't let them get dry!! Apply the ointment with a Q-tip by dabbing it on, NO RUBBING!! Be sure not to rub your lips together for the first 8 days. It is normal for the color of the first application to fade up to 70%!! Lips are done in a two-step process and require the touch up application for the final result to be seen.
Be prepared to be bruised and swollen for 2-3 days after the completion of the procedure. It will appear to be darker than desired due to bruising and body fluids mixing in the pigment. It is done in a washed effect pigment so it will have a much softer appearance when fully healed. Keep the area moist 4-5 times a day for 6 days by applying the ointment with a Q-tip, but do not rub, or pick at the area. This will cause the pigment to have light and dark areas in it.
If you are having any concerns, please contact us immediately! 
Each client has a way of being unique.We value your opinions and desires as to what your preference is about the application of each procedure you are receiving. Please fill free to let us know what you like and get ready to look Beautiful 24/7!!
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